Founded in 2020, Bluejey Productions emerged with the mission of crafting exceptional videos for brands to share online and more. However, as the media landscape has transformed dramatically over the past two decades, traditional approaches have become inadequate. Brands now require content that resonates in the digital sphere, is optimised for various platforms, and is produced swiftly.

Today, Bluejey productions stands as a fully-equipped, innovative video production company based inĀ  London & Germany. Our dynamic team of over 15 exceptionally skilled individuals brings branded projects to life with creativity and precision.

we excel in creating captivating and high-quality films from start to finish. Our talented team handles everything from scriptwriting and casting to cinematography and post-production, ensuring each film resonates with audiences and stands out in the digital landscape.

Our line production services ensure a smooth and efficient filmmaking process. From budgeting and scheduling to crew management and on-site coordination, we handle all logistical aspects, allowing the creative vision to shine through without interruption.

Since 2020

London & Germany

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